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Leon Megé La Petite Collection


A customer who was working for an international charitable organization couldn't wear her ring daily due to perils of travel to remote locations. She wanted to keep the memory of her fiancé close to her at all times.

La Petite is an unprecedented collection of pendants/charms designed to look like miniature engagement rings. They are 10 mm in diameter and made with the same quality and precision as actual sized rings, using platinum, diamonds and natural gemstones. Some of La Petites feature micro pave and all are presented in unique combinations of gem colors and cuts. They are intended to be collectible and come with a Certificate of Authenticity as well as an edition number.

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Leon Mege, Inc.

Leon Megé, Inc. a fine jewelry designer, producer, retailer, and Diamond Concierge®, is a vertically integrated company with one consistent vision throughout the creation process. With a focus on creating engagement rings, each piece of jewelry is custom designed and handcrafted from raw materials, the finest diamonds, and precious stones. We can re-create or modify any design you've seen in our Portfolio; suggest our version of a design you've seen elsewhere; or create a completely unique piece just for you. You can choose to make a piece with your own diamond and precious stones of any size, quality, or price range. All work is done on premises by highly skilled and carefully selected craftsmen under direct supervision of Leon Megé, who personally designs each piece.




Source : http://www.adesignaward.com/design-image.php?y=2011&design=23674